Hey there! I'm Mohammed Suhail Chinya Salimpasha known As Mohammed Suhail CS or Just Suhail.

I'm an Internationally Awarded Researcher, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker & Avid Reader.

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As an Innovator, I'm always on the lookout for new and unconventional business ideas. Armed with an adventurous attitude and forward-thinking personality, I'm all about experimenting with the old and exploring the new.

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My Story

I'm always grateful to my mom
It all began on January 20, 2001, at Mangalore, India.

The Days of Academia & Some #Sports #Curiosity

I studied primary and high school in a suburban Historical Heritage town called Srirangapatna, Mandya. I spent my first exciting 14years in absorbing knowledge, Reading 10-15 Encyclopedias and Attending n Winning Championships in Karate, Yoga, Singing, Dancing, and Chess.

Discovery of my passion for STEM

I was in class 7th, and I accidentally stumbled upon a program called "Brain Café Budding Scientist Contest" in the school nearby to my home. I looked at the brochure - I was so excited to see students making models, projects and research; I switched my school and my first STEM Project called "Purification and reuse of Sewage water to muliple use cases".
I qualified to Brain Cafe Program but lost at regionals. I also attended multiple programs and dropped tons of times.


October 2, 2013

I hit hardrock bottom & was sad :(

Many Attempts -- I was still a failure, and I was tired, sad - fed up doing this again n again. My mom gifted my first laptop - Sony Vaio to cheer me up and keep me distracted from the past events.
For the first time, I could access the entire globe's Information just with few clicks!! It was the best times of my day - I got introduced to OpenCourseWare, Instructables, YouTube, w3school and so many autodidact sites.
I jumped straight in and taught myself to code, design, physics, chemistry and what not.

The Days of Exponential Growth & Discovering Myself

At last my efforts, resilience paid off - I presented my first successful research in 2014 with the title "Let's Generate Electricity From Walking; Which got me least 50+ Awards & Recognition in total.
Consequently, I Guided two more research for High School Students -- Presented One more research with title "Harnessing Energy by Sound with piezo crystals".

In the span of 3, I had received so many awards, attenteded conferences, spoke at events, traveled India and networked crazily.
But, I was not happy with the course I was on... The feeling of I'll end up as an employee was not something I was comfortable with! I wanted to be big - Solve Problems - Impact a large number of people and after a long exploration I realized my entrepreneurial skills and made a decision to be an entrepreneur & Attend MIT for my undergrad



The Year of Miracles, Depression and Self Exploration - Reventing Myself

I moved to from my small town Srirangapatna to my birth town Mangalore in May 2017.
I was all good initially... It was my first time away from my home, parents, and locality. I was at my aunt's and enrolled at St.Aloysius Pre University College.

The first thing I did in Mangalore was to go to the city's businesses to apply my skills and earn a paycheck, so I can be financially independent and learn about money.
All of a sudden I was in deep depression for no particular reason for a very long time -- Exactly from May to October 2017.
In October - I accidentally stumbled upon the book "Rich and Poor Dad" and Meditation and the next day I felt completely different; like I unlocked my higher dimension.

I Started My first Business - A Crypto Invenstment Advisory and Consortium Company along starting an incredible research in my life's focus areas - "Hunger", with my friend Swasthik Padma.

Our Research "Ultra low-cost Pre-symptomatic Diagnostic tool for protein-energy malnutrition" was selected to represent India at Intel ISEF 2018, Pittsburgh by Department of Science & Technology and Intel.

2017 Was the most exciting year - I learned to use pain as a medium to grow, read lots of books, Understood the power of subconscious mind, Gratitude and lots.

Let's Rock & Roll #Hustle #Collaboration

May 2018 was my life changing moment - I just won at Intel ISEF and got my name named on a planet by MIT Lincoln Laborotaties and IAU.
Time spent in the US were my best memories!!

I was back in mangalore on June 2018 with lots of energy and vision.

I started 4 Companies, 1 Non-Profit & 1 Research.
Out of which one made it to Silicon Valley Founder's Institute Early Stage Incubation & Accelarator Program

1. Aaragma Education with Dr.Rohan Monis - To accelarate learning and digitalize Education.
2. Socially with my peer Pranav Shikarpur - To Help Businesses Leverage Social Media to spread their story.
3. STEM30 - To help students develop STEM skills and research thinking.
4. NoTraffic - Traffic Intelligence
5. GoWWW - A Non Profit Initiative to train upcoming amatuers developers, digital artists and marketers while applying their skills to help a non-profit
6. MendelDB - A Business Blockchain Application that's built on Zero Knowledge proofs and private token less blockchain.

I'll be representing MendelDB at Intel ISEF 2019 - Phenoix,AZ.

Our Research on Malnutrition is being explored for Implemention in the Nation's Nutrition (Poshan) Program.

Year In Conclusion

Crazy Success and Failure in the Entrepreneual Journey. Impacted 20,000 lives.
Made Two Best Connections Pranav Shikarpur & Sunitha Prabhu.
Got mentors for life Vijay Moras & Dr.Rohan Monis.

26 Courses - 4 Awards - 100 Book reads - Travels - 500+ new connections #Loved2018


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Strengths Insights

Connectedness • Ideation • Futurist • Learner • Input

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Companies & Non-Profits

The Suhail Company


Aaragma Education

https://aaragme.suhail.company | Yet to be live




https://stem30.suhail.company | Yet to be live


https://traffic.ly | Yet to be live



Awards & Recognitions

A Minor Planet Named After Suhail By MIT Lincoln Labarotaries & IAU.

Top 30 - Founder Institute Early Stage Incubation Fall 2018

Global Winnner At Intel International Science & Engineering Fair 2018.

Wolfram Mathematica Award

Samvid International Honourable Mention At Intel International Science & Engineering Fair 2018.

Member of Sigma XI Scientific Honor Society

Member of New York Academy of Sciences

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